Published: Written in Crawley, UK

Redesigning in the open

I've decided to take the scary route (for me anyway) of redesigning and developing my website in the open. I've been inspired by others that have done this and thought it may be an interesting process. Not least because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and doing this may be a good way of weaning me off the need to have things completely polished before showing them. 😱

My hope is this’ll be a evolutionary piece of work rather than the usual “WHALA!” moment… so I apologise in advance for things that may look a bit dodgy. Bit by bit I’ll be moving all my original content across to this new config. No doubt that means you’ll end up on a page that’s not there right now. Sorry about that.

I intend to bump my head (a lot!) and learn a fair few things along the way - and am going to try my best to enjoy the whole process rather than just looking forward to it being ‘finished’.

You’re more than welcome to follow along if you’re ok with witnessing the inevitable head-scratching and “WT…*” moments 🤪.

Feel like contributing? #

Now, I say this gingerly - but I’d be honoured if anyone wanted to contribute any thoughts and pearls of wisdom. All I ask is you be kind. If there’s anything you spot that seems dodgy or if you’d like to recommend an enhancement, (and you have the time), you’re more than welcome to summit a GitHub issue.

I’ve made the code public but it is for my personal website, so please can I ask you not to copy everything wholesale. By all means learn from it (as I’m trying to do). Thank you.

What it’s made of #

The website is comprised of static files built using the fabulous Eleventy and Astro. Configurable NPM build scripts, global & component-level data configuration, Sass powered CSS system, rollup.js to bundle JavaScript modules; as well as Vite just cause it’s a fab frontend tool. Much of the content is also available offline thanks to a Service Worker.

It’s deployed by and hosted with Netlify.

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