Published: Written in Crawley, UK

Noisy times

These are strange times for sure and all too often I’m finding myself overly concerned with the future and primarily its potential outworking for my kids. Most of which I have no way of controlling anyway; and yet these thoughts can end up taking up a big chunk of space in my mind and sapping me of energy.

I have no doubt the ‘background noise’ isn’t helping my sanity levels either. I don’t necessarily mean the television or playstation - (thanks teenage kids!) - but life’s relentless background noise.

The noise of…

the news.

social media channels like Twitter - (I’ve deleted the app again!).

worry for friends and family - it doesn’t help that I lost a dear friend to Covid-19.

guilt; guilt of not being in touch with my family and friends as much as I feel I could/should.

feeling helpless, stuck and as though I’m floating around in some weird parallel universe.

feeling disconnected. Even though we have all this technology that helps us ‘connect’, I feel more disconnected that ever. I’m Zoom-ed out. Gosh I miss being able to hug a friend.

This all contributes to a din that just seems to be getting louder and louder. One that I’m finding increasingly difficult to tune out of. I end up flirting with hopelessness and wondering how this world, (that seems to have lost the plot), will ever find its balance again.

Oof! Not the most cheerful of posts I know. It’s more a case of me dumping some clumsy thoughts in a clumsy time and hoping… hoping that I can keep a smidgen of hope alive.

At least for today anyhow.

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