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Journal #01

The last few months have been tough.

On the 5th March, a day after our wedding anniversary, my wife received the news that she had breast cancer. What a bombshell. Even though we had our suspicions and had braced ourselves as much as we could, you can never brace yourself for that type of news.

"You've. Got. Cancer."

Those words. It felt like a proper punch to the face. Time seemed to slow down. We just looked at each other. No words. It felt as though we'd been caught in a parallel universe and the rest of the world was carrying on without us - and frankly didn't care. In that instant, all the things we thought were important, simply vanished. It's as if they never mattered. There's nothing quite like some kind of trauma to administer the smelling salts and remind you what actually matters.

"How do we break the news to the kids?..."

It's brutal.

It took a few days before we could catch our breath again and for things to feel a little more normal. Whatever normal is anyhow. But since that day, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Some dark days mixed with moments of hope. Still a road to travel.

Taking another breath... and then another step.

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