Analog Implant Laboratory's new website

Well it's done. It's live. Analog Implant Laboratory's new website has been released to the world of the web.

Multiple screen size rendering of the Analog Implant Laboratory website

I never get tired of the moment I put a website live. It still gives me such a buzz. That moment, when, what you've poured your time, emotional energy and expertise into, is finally ready (gulp!) to be shown to the 'world'. Well, not the whole world – but I think you know what I mean. It's both a scarily vulnerable moment and an exciting one all at the same time. No doubt almost anyone working in a creative capacity can relate with that feeling.

This particular project has turned out to be one of the enjoyable ones. A lot of this had to do with Analog Implant Laboratory's open-handed and open-hearted involvement in the whole design and development process. I appreciated it immensely. I’m conscious that not every project has or necessarily ends up being a pleasant one, so I’m grateful for the ones that are.

Anyway, enough of the gushy ramble. Here's the techie stuff for those that are interested…

It’s built using a custom HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Grunt config framework. I used Git for version control and Bitbucket Pipelines for the CI & CD build and deployment. Possibly overkill for a brochure/informational website but I enjoyed the process nonetheless. It was a fun change from doing the manual FTP thing. It also gave me a chance to learn something new.

I approached the design and development with 'Mobile First' in mind and built it responsively – (small screen upwards) – to work on as many screens and devices as possible. It's progressively enhanced and makes substantial use of WCAG. Obviously it goes without saying, I wasn’t able to test the website on all device types and screen sizes but I tried my best to ensure it’s built in a device-agnostic manner. Hopefully this means it’ll work for as many users as possible… for those that visit Analog Implant Laboratory’s website anyhow.

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