Assumptions, assumptions

A table full of mobile devices

So building a website is a breeze, right? Erm… probably worth thinking that through again. Certainly if you what to take seriously the challenge of building for the plethora of devices users may access it on.

Scott Jehl has presented a talk at a number of conferences on “Delivering Responsibly”. He has now very kindly provided the transcript and slides from the last time he gave the presentation, at Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam, October 2015.

If you want to deliver, to use his words, "…fast, resilient, accessible sites", he covers some of the challenges we face in doing this – and some practices and upcoming standards that we can use to make sites usable on any device as soon as possible.

As web designers and developers, we all have our own specialties and responsibilities, but broadly speaking, collectively, we might say it is our job to deliver sites that respond to our users’ needs.
— Scott Jehl
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