Suffering from screen-addiction-stupor?

How often have you just sat in front of your computer screen and merrily clicked and scrolled away – but if you were really honest you have no idea why? How many times couldn't you resist the urge to reach out and pick up that shiny 'smart' device and start tapping and sliding away? To those around you it may even seem you're doing something really important. What, with your screen-illuminated focussed look - who would doubt it would be anything but important. Heck, you've convinced yourself. Oh wait! No! You're only aimlessly scrolling through reams of useless tweets or responding to someone's Facebook post on what they fed their cat this morning. And why did I start reading the news when it's past midnight!?

Time. Gone. Forever.

Well, there's no reason you and I can't take control of how we use our time. Maybe we can become more deliberate. More purposeful. More outward looking. Possibly find some way to bless someone. Take time to consider what's important in our lives and any adjustments that could be made. There's a friend I've been meaning to reconnect with again. Maybe that would be time better spent, for me, today.

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