User-centricity is important to me. Which means I particularly enjoy building web interfaces that are usable, accessible, performant, resilient and as future-friendly as possible.

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Some people I've worked with

  • IAG Loyalty

    Year: 2018 - 2021

    Built new, modern, and fast PWA B2B websites for IAG Loyalty. Big focus on usability, accessibility, progressive enhancement, performance & resilience.

  • Euromoney

    Year: 2018

    Developed reusable & extensible front-end starter kit that builds modular web components / pattern libraries.

    Fastmarkets was the first website to benefit from using this solution.

  • MerchantCantos

    Year: 2017 & 2018

    Developed & enhanced corporate communication websites (eg. Puma, Mondi, Greenbrier).

  • Time Inc. UK

    Year: 2016

    Fun & collaborative team environment developing a responsive and customisable web solution on their WordPress Multisite application.

  • Pegasus

    Year: 2016

    Developed & enhanced brochure websites for Pegasus’ healthcare clients.

  • Charanga Music

    Year: 2016

    Developed a reusable, extensible, responsive and accessible front-end library / boilerplate. Enabled Charanga to deploy future web offerings quickly, efficiently without compromising on quality front end standards.

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

    Year: 2015

    Worked with Macmillan's core website application team on frontend solutions for their brand identity and business proposition.

  • Boston T Party

    Year: 2021 (ongoing)

    Built a new, modern and fast PWA website for Boston T Party. Data and bandwidth is a premium in South Africa so focussed particularly on performance & resilience using progressive enhancement methods.

Nice things people have said

  • Bruce is a true digital native. Starting in the industry back as far as and continually striving to push the boundaries of front end code design. He takes it upon himself to continually keep up to date with the latest trends and to apply that to his work to the benefit of whoever he is working for. I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce for any role in which pushing your digital boundaries is at the core of your agenda.

    — Stephen Scott, Chief Digital Officer, IAG Loyalty
  • Bruce was an excellent resource for us, taking on additional work when our internal resources were at capacity. He's easy to work with and always turned around work quickly and to a high standard. Bruce quickly became part of the family and overcoming challenges with ease due to his can-do attitude and tireless commitment to projects.