Photo: 18 November 2022 @ 9:05 PM

Published: Written in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Some photos from a trip to South Africa to see my mum and sister after 4.5 years!

6th — 17th November 2022.

Looking out the plane window and watching the sunset.
Connection flight from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg. 6th November.
Hugging my mum and sister.
Landed at Pietermaritzburg airport. Seeing my mum and sister for the first time after 4.5 years!
Goats out to pasture in a field on my sister's farm.
Goats on my sister's farm in Boston, KZN.
Inside Boston's (KZN) new funky coffee shop with some people seated in comfy chairs.
Boston's (KZN) funky new coffee shop. Who would have thought!
My mum and sister standing on the lawn outside the cottage in the Drakensberg mountains.
A beautiful day with my mum and sister for the 10th anniversary of my dad's passing — 15th November. Such a treat we got to visit our favourite cottage in the Drakensberg mountains.
A selfie of my mum, sister and myself outside our favourite mountain cottage.
Selfie time!
Our favourite mountain cottage nestled in some trees with a river in front of it.
This photo brings back so many wonderful memories. It always makes me think of my dad. The cottage he built and all the times we trout fished in this river.
My mum standing on a wooden verandha looking at the Giants Castle mountain view.
Giants Castle Nature Reserve. One of my favourite places on earth.
Sunrise view over the wing of the plane on approach to London Heathrow.
On final approach to London Heathrow after a very special trip to South Africa. Miss you already Mum & Sue 😘

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