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Luro — written by Paravel

And there was Luro.

Made by the legends at Paravel — Reagan Ray, Dave Rupert and Trent Walton.

A screenshot of the Luro app website homepage.

Chris Coyier provides a really nice breakdown & description of what Luro is, which is a worthwhile read.

Here’s a ‘scratching-the-surface’ quote from Chris of what Luro can do:

“Track your components” is just one of many things Luro can do, but it’s a pretty cool one. Imagine you’re on the design systems team on a product. You’re actually rolling out a design system, which is something that tends to happen over time. You can define the components in Luro (which can be sucked in via Figma if you want, which is que fancy), then tell Luro what CSS selector represents those components and Luro will watch the pages of your site to see if they are used. And even watch the old selector if you’re trying to compare old vs. new coverage.

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