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The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger — written by Stephen Diehl

I’m no expert on blockchain and the crypto asset malarkey. But the bits I do know, just don’t sit comfortably with me at all. This article by Stephen Diehl is well worth a read.

Here’s a snippet:

I’m not alone in believing in the fundamental technical uselessness of blockchains. There are tens of thousands of other people in the largest tech companies in the world that thanklessly push their organizations away from crypto adoption every day. The crypto asset bubble is perhaps the most divisive topic in tech of our era and possibly ever to exist in our field. It’s a scary but essential truth to realise that normal software engineers like us are an integral part of society’s immune system against the enormous moral hazard of technology-hyped asset bubbles metastasizing into systemic risk.

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