About me

I'm originally from South Africa and grew up on a dairy farm in a very beautiful part of the country.

Before I ever touched a computer, my life revolved around teasing cows, off-road motorbiking, hiking and wild camping in the mountains, staring up at the stars, canoeing, fishing and sport.

My wife and I moved to the UK at the tail end of 1995 — initially for one year — but as you’ve probably gathered… we never left. We have 3 children. 2 sons and a daughter.

I write now and then and have written a few posts, jotted down some notes, and bookmarked links to articles I’ve enjoyed and found interesting. Hopefully some of them will resonate with you.

Some hobby stuff

I enjoy taking photos whenever I can and am a fairly decent drummer. Fly fishing for trout is something I grew up doing and continue to do. I head to the beautiful Lakedown Trout Fishery as often as I can. A gorgeous and tranquil spot away from all the noise.

I absolutely adore aircraft and still plan to pull my finger out and get my PPL one day.

What I’m reading

I’m a sucker for fantasy. The feeling of been transported to another world is intoxicating. Currently I’m making my way through one of Philip C. Quaintrell’s fantasy series, “The Ranger Archives”.

William R. Catton’s “Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change” and “An Inconvenient Apocalypse: Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis, and the Fate of Humanity” by Wes Jackson & Robert Jensen are also on the go. These books are possibly turning out to be some of the most important reads of my life… in a disturbingly and unnervingly profound sort of way.

Here’s a selection of some other books I’ve read over the past few years.

What I do

I build websites.

My core skills are semantic HTML, CSS, responsive design, progressively enhanced JS, PWAs, web performance, web accessibility, static site generation, Eleventy, Astro & Svelte — and generally trying my best to put the user first.

Primarily I work on the “front-of-the-front-end”. This is my preference and certainly plays to my strengths. However, I’m often found with my hands in the “back-of-the-front-end” and some DevOps stuff as well - (eg. JavaScript bundlers, deployment tooling, CI/CD etc.).

My aim is to build web solutions that are resilient, usable and as future-friendly as possible. For this reason I prefer a vanilla approach and tend to steer clear of using JavaScript frameworks if I can help it. Not that I have anything against JavaScript frameworks. I think they can be wonderfully powerful tools if we first keep the end user in mind — rather than only prioritising the developer experience. At the moment I don’t think we’re getting that balance quite right.

Here’s a bit more about some of the work I’ve done.

Download my CV

Am I a designer?

While I can design and do love the design side of things, I’m not a designer per se.

These days, my role often involves collaborating with designers to ensure that the design translates as well as it can into the browser — regardless of the end user’s context and how they choose to navigate the web interface (eg. screen reader, mobile phone, browser of choice, etc.).

Webby stuff I’m enjoying

Eleventy, Astro, Svelte, Vite, Netlify, Netlify CMS, Fractal, SVG animation using GreenSock, and Web Components are proving really enjoyable to work with and have restored some of the magic of building websites again.

About this website

This website has been the home of my personal blog for a fair few years. Everything written here represents my opinions and perspectives on various things. It doesn’t reflect or represent the views of anyone I work for or with.

I also use it as a platform for experimenting with newer frontend web technologies & techniques — so there’s every chance it may look a little ‘wonky’ now and then. Please forgive me if something doesn’t look quite right or work properly on your screen at the moment.

I resonate with Ethan when he says, let a website be a worry stone.

If you have any issues, questions or spot any spelling mistakes(!), I’d appreciate it if you could let me know by submitting a GitHub issue, or by emailing me directly.

I’ve also written about my decision to redesign & develop my website in the open which has both been fun and scary. Not least because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and doing it this way has helped wean me off the need to have things completely polished before showing them.

More information about the technology used to make this website is available in this humans.txt file.

BTW, there’s no tracking happening on this site. 👀

Interested in working with me?

Good on you for making it this far!

Do you think there’s a web project that I could possibly help you with? Then by all means get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you.