About Bruce

I’m a Front End Web Designer & Developer living in Crawley, West Sussex, UK and have been helping people build & enhance their websites since 2003.

My interest in all things webby began in late 1999 while working at the original Boo.com. After a brief stint of freelancing, I started at Airmiles in 2004 – which later became Avios. I worked as their Senior Front End Designer & Developer for 9 of the 11 years I was there.

Over the years I've worked on a wide variety of projects with companies like AirMiles, Macmillan Cancer Support, Time Inc., MerchantCantos, Euromoney and more recently with Avios.

I enjoy a team environment and am told I communicate and work well with technical and non-technical people alike. I've worked on all sorts of projects in small, medium and large multi-functional development teams – and have considerable experience in creating front-end code that's modular, responsive, performant, extensible, accessible and future friendly.

I frequently dabble with new technologies and try my best to find neat solutions to complex problems. I believe the websites we design and build should be as usable as possible no matter the context. I'm therefore particularly interested in responsive web design, progressive enhancement, progressive web apps, web standards and web accessibility.

Personal stuff

I'm originally from South Africa and grew up on a dairy farm in a very beautiful part of the country. Before I ever touched a computer, my life revolved around teasing cows, off-road motorbiking, hiking in the mountains, canoeing, fishing and sport. Funny how things turn out!

I enjoy landscape photography and am a fairly decent drummer. I absolutely adore aircraft and still plan to pull my finger out and get my PPL one day.

My wife and I moved to the UK at the tail end of 1995 — initially for one year — but as you've probably gathered… we never left. We have 3 children. 2 teenage sons and a 10 year old daughter.

I try and write whenever I get the chance and have written a few posts on various things. Here's hoping you'll like some of them or be able to relate to one or two of them in some way.

About this website

This website has been the home of my personal blog for a fair few years. Everything written here represents my opinions and perspectives on various things. It doesn't reflect or represent the views of anyone I work for or with.

I also use it as a platform for experimenting with newer front-end web technologies – so there's every chance it may look a little 'wonky' now and then. Please forgive me if something doesn't look quite right on your screen at the moment.

Thank you for dropping by.

You're welcome to if you'd like to get in touch.

Here's a copy of my CV if that's what you're after.