I'm an independent Frontend Web Developer & UI Engineer based in West Sussex, England, and have been assisting small businesses, companies, and organisations bring their website projects to life since 2004.

Here's a bit more about me, if you're interested.

What I do

I primarily work on the "front-of-the-front-end". This is my preference and certainly plays to my strengths. However, I'm often found with my hands in the "back-of-the-front-end" and DevOps stuff as well - (eg. JavaScript bundlers, deployment tooling, CI/CD etc.).

I spend a lot of my time writing / creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up a user interface. User-centricity is very important to me when developing a web solution. Which means I have a keen focus on responsive design & intrinsic design, progressive enhancement, semantic markup, accessibility, web standards and performance.

My aim is to build web solutions that are resilient, usable and as future-friendly as possible. For this reason I prefer a vanilla approach and tend to steer clear of using JavaScript frameworks if I can help it. Not that I have anything against JavaScript frameworks. I think they can be wonderfully powerful tools if we first keep the user in mind rather than prioritising the developer experience. At the moment I don't think we're getting that balance quite right.

Saying that, I think frameworks like Svelte, Astro, (and possibly Vue.js), are helping redress this imbalance.

Am I a designer?

I'm not a designer per se, but I love the design side of things.

My role often involves collaborating with designers to ensure that the design translates as well as it can into the browser — regardless of the user's context and how they choose to navigate the web interface (eg. screen reader, mobile phone, browser of choice, etc.).

Interested in working with me?

Here's a bit more about some of the work I've done.

Do you think there's a web project that I could possibly help you with? Then by all means get in touch.

I'd love to hear from you.