CSS Grid and Grid Inspector in Firefox

Very neat Grid Inspector tool for CSS Grid from the people at Firefox.

Also, another fab CSS Grid resource, Grid Garden – from Thomas Park who brought us Flexbox Froggy.

Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers

Thank you Gina Trapani for this honest and articulate post. It brought a much-needed smile to this "ancient web developer's" face.

Creating my first HTTP server in Node.js

Here's hoping I get round to giving this a proper go at some stage.

Design for Humanity: A New Perspective on User Experience

A new online course by Eric Meyer.

Designing for humans is tough. We design for millions, but every interaction between our work and a user is personal, and we aren’t taught to take care with those interactions. I created this course because I want everything we design to meet the real needs and wants of real people.

— Eric A. Meyer

"Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum" ⇢ Om Malik

Silicon Valley’s biggest failing is not poor marketing of its products, or follow-through on promises, but, rather, the distinct lack of empathy for those whose lives are disturbed by its technological wizardry.

— Om Malik

Visual Studio Code

I've used and loved (still do) Sublime Text for years – but have recently really been enjoying Visual Studio Code. It's a text editor at heart but has some lovely lean IDE functionality as well. Thinking of making a switch to it completely.

Get started with variable fonts

Richard Rutter writes about variable fonts. So many variations from a single file!

In October 2016, version 1.8 of OpenType was released, and with it an extensive new technology: OpenType Font Variations. More commonly known as variable fonts, the technology enables a single font file to behave like multiple fonts. This is done by defining variations within the font, which are interpolated along one or more axes. Two of these axes might be width and weight, but the type designer can define many others too.

— Richard Rutter

Box Alignment Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet put together by Rachel Andrew comparing alignment in CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox.

Moving to HTTPS Guide

Community site to help site owners migrate to HTTPS with a simple tested process.

Frontend Guidelines Questionnaire

A one-page questionnaire put together by Brad Frost to help you establish effective frontend guidelines, so that you can write consistent & cohesive code together.

LayerSnap! Markup-based SVG Animations

The Filament Group built an open-source tool that configures SVG animations using a markup-based approach.

Resilient Web Design ⇢ Jeremy Keith

I came across this new book by Jeremy Keith. He's very kindly put it online - for free!

“Is This Helpful?” ⇢ Mike Davidson

A timely and worthwhile read…

Several years from now, I want to be able to look back on this time the same way people look at other natural disasters. Without that terrible earthquake, we would have never improved our building codes. Without that terrible flood, we would have never built those levees. Without that terrible hurricane, we would have never rebuilt this amazing city. Without that terrible disease, we would have never developed antibodies against it.

It doesn’t require giving any credit to the disaster. The disaster will always be a complete fucking disaster. But it does involve using the disaster as an opportunity to take a hard look at what got us here and rededicate our energy towards things that will get us out.